Bizarrya was the concept that made the word an unique Gathering of new visions and porposals into the difference between Propaganda through Cinema and Cinema for itself. Into the Abyss of Covidism, we all knew that Art was being made while Panic was being used to create a new return into Totalitarism. The Clash between the Contemporary Art made fragments that could not make sense again. If confinement was the special moment to get focus into the Future, it was also the moment that made society fall into the past. The Obscure Past of alienation that unleashed Art into the Future and society into the past. What do we get?




In the touristic city of Porto, another city with the same activities of other cities, a voyage from the same place into the same place, the other place that arrived with another space magically made movement, the Bizarre is gets to be before told. The dramatic pause in space and time is detonated by the most unique films, reaching the Orgy of Bizarrism.


Porto is the place where past and future are lost. A straight line marks the nowhere to nowhere where tourism makes the city, not the other way. So, bizarre enough to host Bizarrya. Lignts ant nets are the desert of meaning and emotional interaction.


Bizarrism is the truth. To the truth to be unleash. You are Welcome.


Bruno Miguel Resende: Artistic Direction

Dióne Kayrós:  Sales Manegment

Indra Vatsyana: Art Managment

Louise Serpentis: Logistics and Resources

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